photo (5)Our calls, I make two series of calls,we have a slim series and a fatty series.┬áThese calls are all hand turned And are very unique.. I feel the┬ámaterial you use should look as good as is sounds…I use multiple types of material such as wood,inlaced acrylic, acrylic, and a number of exotic is some exotics I use, African black wood,cocobola, marble wood, wedge, black palm, red palm, ziticote, Purple Heart, yellow heart, red heart,zebra, bocote,and leopard wood.

soundfileI also have acrylics in the slim series, I offer a wide variety of colors..if I don’t have the color you like,please contact me and I will do everything I can to find that color..
The purpose of this web sight is for you to be happy and get exactly what you want.. Please feel free to contact me for custom orders